Carlton James Diversified Alpha Fund is a regulated Mutual Fund designed to provide investors with results that exceed market expectations and create yield factors, while simultaneously protecting and managing against risk.
This global crisis put much strain on the liquidity being offered by the banks through their traditional lending models, causing the sourcing of finance to become increasingly difficult to obtain. This led to many banks either restricting their lending amounts and/or applying much more rigorous processes therefore either making deals commercially non-viable or reducing profitability yield for Investors.

Now the ability for the traditional lenders to acquire additional collateral and or foresee the valuation increase of a company or commercial real estate deal is at a low point in the market cycle matrix.

Carlton James utilise their cost-effective structure, network and the ability to construct smaller ownership positions that make the same funding opportunities extremely flexible and profitable versus the traditional financing models.

The Carlton James architectural approach to funding, be it the commercialization of technology or the acquisition of development sites, engages a mosaic of ownership, workable commercials, a structured financing process and ultimately the investment being satisfactorily secured through the issuance of a collateralised debt note.

This combined approach and strategy offers enhanced investment yields for both company shareholders and investors with a low-medium risk profile.